Monday, October 15, 2012

Eraser Drawings

This project was inspired by the works of William Kentridge and shows a progression of movement.  The materials used in creating this piece were charcoal and colored pencil.  The dimensions are 11" x 17".  Some things I think I did successfully are finding a good concept and using both dark shades and light tints in the piece.  However, there were a few problems I ran into.  After looking at it for too long I forgot how to draw straight lines and at points got very frustrated.  First I did the back ground and then lightly traced the images of the man and the first position of the woman.  I put all the details on the soldier, colored the flag, and put a few details on the woman and then erase the first image of the woman.  Next I lightly traced the second image of the woman, added a few more detailes and lightly penciled color on the pants and hair and then erased the second image.  Thirdly, I drew out the third and final position of the woman and added all the details and color.