Monday, June 24, 2013

The First of Many AP Assignments

First, sorry for the horrible photo.  This is a 9"x12" oil painting of three eggs in a towel.  I haven't painted in a while and I've never painted a subject similar to this, which I feel is told by the final outcome.  I think I did well with the shading and texture of the towel, but capturing the smooth texture of the eggs was more difficult. I'm extremely excited to be starting AP art!


  1. It's good to see you branching out of your comfort zone and painting something you're unfamiliar with, this exercise will help build your skills.

    I enjoy some of the depth you've captured in the towel's folds, particularly in the bottom right corner. I also enjoy your rendering of the towel's texture. I feel as thought the eggs may have had color from the towel reflected back in them. Many times white objects reflect the color of what they are most near. If this is correct this may unify the piece. In terms of smoothness, however, the eggs do read as smooth.

    Good first piece! I'm glad to see you experimenting and branching out! Thanks for remembering the dimensions and medium and make sure to have fun with them and I'm glad to hear you're excited for AP!

  2. I think that this is freaking awesome. first, the best thing about this is the way you captured texture... you did an awesome job. second, good call on using paint. I think it was the choice medium for being able to get all the texture in the towel without spending hours. I'd really like to see you do this in oil paint though, so you can get some actual physical texture in it.