Thursday, November 15, 2012

Marbleized Ceramic Type Thing!

I marbleized four pieces of paper using spray paint and then cut them up into smaller pieces.  After that I reassembled them to create an even bigger background for the piece I'm working on now.  This is how its looking so far:)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Slightly Different- Slightly Better

While trying to hang this piece it beggan to chip; so my teacher added more liquitex to hold it together.  Even though she lost a hand and has some chips and color differences, I think it adds something it didn't have before.  I like it like this and think this was a happy accident. :)

Shoved Out of the Nest and Trying to Fly

The class finally had their first independent project and it was definetely a big step for me artistically.  Not having to meet any specific criteria and not having as much guidance to go by really forced me to use my own creativity and research, and I think for it being the first independent project I rose to the occasion fairly well.  This piece is 12"x18" and is painted on bristol board.  I used black and blue acrylic paint and white gesso to replace white acrylic.  I started out by outlining the person in pencil and then painting it completely in black, white, and all the shades in between.  To add some color I watered down the blue acrylic and let the blue wash drip down the paper and then added more highlights.  I felt like I did a good job on the eyes and using a lot of shades and tints.  I experimented with drawing a long neck to add emotion.  Also, I'm glad I learned how to use a wash to add color.  The wash could have been done a little bit better and the hair was a great challenge for me because I wanted to make it look too perfect.  Overall I feel like this was a good project for the first independent piece!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Just Can't Stop!

I was craving to paint something so I practiced an idea I had for a project.  This is mixed media with acrylic and a little bit of watercolor.  For my first independent project I want to use acrylic paint and make it completely black and white.  I think I got some good practice for that by painting this.

My Favorite Project Ever!!

The materials used in this painting include bristol board paper and watercolor paints.  The dimensions are 11"x15".  Some problems I encountered creating this piece include getting the right facial dimenstions and getting enough emotion in the face.  However, in the end I feel like I successfully made an emotional piece and demonstrated watercolor technique well.  I blew through a straw to make the hair, which I think is a really cool technique and it worked really well with my piece  .I was a little timid working with watercolor at first because I've never really been good at it, but this ended up being my favorite project ever!

Experimental Watercolor Investigation!

This is something small I painted with watercolor in my "Investigative Workbook" (sketchbook).  Its definetely not my final piece but I think it was a pretty good start!