Monday, July 22, 2013

Getting Used to the Water- Summer Assignment #3

For this assignment I chose to use the prompt "Bathroom/Kitchen Counter."  I placed a bunch of jewelry on my bathroom faucet and painted it on a 9"x12" piece of paper in water color and pen.  I used the pen to outline the objects in a sort of "messy" way.  I tried to make this piece look like a professional kind of sloppy (if that can make any sense).  I'm not sure if I pulled it off all of the way with this piece, but I'm sure if I practiced more with the idea that I could do some cool pieces with the concept.  One thing I learned by doing this piece is that water will make pen ink run.  It should have been obvious earlier, but I wasn't thinking that far ahead when I was drawing the outlines.

1 comment:

  1. Good job with making the objects protrude and recede in space! I also enjoy how you've used the brush to stylize the work. Good to see you observing things you've learned, that will be valuable later on.